Reasoning Engine

Details about the reasoning engines #

Workflows entities in the KG can undergo various transformations. One key transformation is currying, understood in the same way as function currying - since workflow, for our purposes, is very similar to a function. Currying transforms workflow with parameters with workflow with less parameters (arguments), possibly without any parameters. We assume that only workflow without parameters can be computed (executed).

Workflow execution is

This approach separates:

  • workflow composition, which becomes one of the workflow transformation operations.
  • workflow execution (computing)

Reasoning engine is itself a process (workflow) which takes as an input some KG state, and produces new triples (which can be inserted back in the KG).

Currying worker #

Execution #

workflows have a property which describes what can execute them. Two forms used now are

Executing, computing the workflow is also a reasoning action, deriving equivalence between the given workflow and a trivial worklow which implements to request to data store.